Dr. Steven Parker

Dr. Steven ParkerDr. Steven Parker prides himself on one very important word: Healing. But make no mistake, Dr. Steven Parker is far more than a healer. More than a chiropractor. And surely, more than a pair of healing hands. Yes, he is all of the above, but Dr. Parker’s years of continued studies have helped push the bounds of Chiropractic care to new heights, creating healthcare possibilities never before imagined.

Once operating under the banner, A Center for Healing and Wellness, with an emphasis on gentle chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, kinesiology, nutrition, and deep tissue therapies; this facility later transformed into an institution of progressive healthcare in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. By furthering his breadth of knowledge, Dr. Parker’s latest iteration, THRIVE, combines the latest techniques and technologies to remedy even the most difficult of cases. Dr. Steven Parker has since expanded his practice to cover a variety of conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimotos’ thyroiditis, dizziness, migraine headaches, neck and lower back disc conditions, autoimmune and allergic sensitivities, lupus, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and other neuromuscular disorders which require a much more in depth approach both metabolically and neurologically.

At his core, Dr. Steven Parker is not simply a chiropractor, but rather a multi-disciplinary doctor whose constantly evolving knowledgebase progresses for the sole purpose of helping you. Where others have failed, Dr. Steven Parker is renowned for his relentless ability, ambition and passion to help you succeed.

Dr. Toni Parker

Dr. Toni ParkerAs a certified Gottman Mehthod Therapist, Dr. Toni Parker brings the highest level of expertise to private therapy. Be it couples counseling, individual or group therapy, Dr. Toni Parker is prepared to help you and your loved ones discover growth and possibility for today and tomorrow.

Training at Harvard Medical School and a post-doctorate at Stanford University, Dr. Toni Parker studied under world renowned therapists, Dr. Richard Fish and Dr. John Weakland. Today, Dr. Toni Parker specializes in couples therapy, stress reduction, anxiety, depression and fatigue. In addition to traditional therapeutic techniques, Dr. Parker also utilizes EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy and mind-body approaches such as guided imagery and music therapy to help you reach your maximum health potential.

As co-founder at THRIVE, Dr. Toni Parker understands the balance of mind and body. She welcomes you to explore a world free of fear and stress. Open up, let go and thrive.